sábado, 23 de octubre de 2010


There is a thing that is necessary to learn in the life that the pretty ones
memories always stay and the villains take the wind
it is always necessary to learn of the good things and not of the bad ones...
In the life it is necessary to learn to perdonas if this one is not excused
world would be a disaster they all would hate all
rancor would be had .... good not that more to say, I feel one
big gap in my heart although aveces think in
pretty I remember, remember in that I lived and they will never forget me
everything what some were a pretty step moments for that I am grateful
very much, I learned many things, values that it is something that is needed in the life.
It appreciates these good moments for which further on perhaps one
remember them and he might feel many things again.
value your people and her enjoy second to second
minute to minute. every day
for that you do not know when it can spend anything and you will repent of
not to have done it....

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