viernes, 13 de septiembre de 2013

My heart stops when you look at me - Klaine

Papitwo (lista de reproducción)

Please Don't Say You Love Me

It's rare of me to make a canon video, but I think the lingering feelings Kurt and Blaine still had for each other after their break up is beautiful, and I wanted to capture that. :) 

"I don't trust you anymore but I still love you. We have broken up but I still want to be with you." Life is as simple as black and white, and what your mind tells you is not necessarily the same as what your heart wants.

Glee (Kurt/Blaine) - Please Don't Say You Love Me

Kurt&Blaine | No one ever said it would be this hard

Kurt and Blaine❖ [Born to die]❖

Kurt + Blaine | Hey There Delilah

"Need You Now" (Glee Cast Version) - Lyrics

GLEE-Without you with lyrics

GLEE-Teenage Dream (Acoustic Version) with lyrics

K&B | Kurt, i love you until the end of time {Spoiler 4x15}

K&B | Kurt, you are the love of my life {Spoiler 4x14}