martes, 25 de septiembre de 2012

The most beautiful spanish chillout - Spanish Nights (mixed by SpringLady)

Tango in the movies: Frida Kahlo

- Tu vuo' fa l'Americano - A tribute by Carosones -


Life is about the choices you make and 
the consequences that follow. Just make 
sure you make the right ones so the 
consequences aren't bad ones. I have 
made my choice in life all i need to do 
now is get my priority's straight to avoid 
fucking up AGAIN!! and keep my life as 
happy as it is now. Words are just words 
until you act on them and make them 
real. Life is about proving that the words 
that come out of your mouth are true and 
not just said in the hope that that's what 
is wanted to be heard from you to please 
other people. Be there for the one you 
love and prove to them that your words 
aren't just a load of crap because its what 
you think they want to hear! sometimes 
you just need to get off your backside, do 
whats right and PROVE YOURSELF!! And 
if there is that someone special in your 
life stand by them through thick and thin 
and be there to comfort them when they 
need it most instead of being selfish and 
thinking of yourself!! You find in life if the 
way you think and act changes then 
everything else will follow in that change 
for the better and you will live a long and 
happy life! xxxxxx