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4/22/1982 – 5/7/2011

Tom was born and raised in Knox, Indiana and finished high school at the prestigious Culver Military Academy. Tom excelled at CMA, winning the Hobie Leadership award, which garnered him a trip to Washington, D.C. to meet with the president. After graduating from CMA Cum Laude, Tom enrolled in Vassar College, where he trained in voice and piano.
Although he was succeeding in his academic career at Vassar, Tom made the decision to leave school early and pursue his true calling: a career in the entertainment industry. Tom co-wrote the powerful and meaningful song, “Lost” with his friend Paige Williams, which attracted attention from the music industry, as well as writing numerous other songs with many other talented musicians, and on his own.
This passion for music lead Tom to co-found with his partner Shane a popular online music blog and his music public relations business, Bridegroom and Bitney, which was and continues to grow and gain clients.
Tom also pursued ambitions of acting and being in front of the camera. Tom gained national recognition at the age of 23 when he was chosen as the Hot Boy Next Door for the popular magazine, Teen People, for the October 2005 issue. Moving to Los Angeles, Tom’s talent and perseverance quickly got him an agent, and his acting career took off. Tom was cast in a national commercial for Nintendo and starred in an infomercial for Sensiclear. In 2007, Tom won a hosting job for MTV’s reality show, “The X-Effect.”
Tom once described himself as “a small town boy with both feet firmly planted on the ground.” The only thing small about Tom was that town he came from in Indiana. His heart was great in size, as was his ambition, passion and talent. For all that knew Tom, you know how truly blessed you were to have the honor of his incredible friendship.

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